DANIELA WELCOMES YOU IN UMBRIA - ITALY - Tasting Travel Incoming Umbria

Tasting Travel is today the best way to Experience Umbria, the mystic and unforgettable "Green Heart of Italy".
Since 2006, the professional agency, led by Daniela Cittadoni (licensed  Travel Agency Director), is specialized in planning  Umbrian Tours to its most  enchanting sites.  With ten years of experience in the food and wine sector and five years professional tourism training, it comes naturally to us to create unique tourist itineraries that will introduce our guests to the real Umbrian atmosphere and Italian lifestyle.     Thanks to the precious historical heritage and the culinary traditions, which have been passed on and preserved down through centuries, travelers will be led to discover the beauty of this land, its art and its excellent gastronomy throughout tasting routes and enchanting natural scenes.

• Private Transfer to/from Rome airport-Fiumicino, Ciampino or Perugia Airport.
• Guided visit to: Spoleto, Assisi, Perugia, Spello, Orvieto, Todi, Gubbio, Norcia and many athers enchanting Umbrian villages;
• Hotel and Restaurant reservation.
• Tasting tours: Truffle, Wine, Olive-oil, Lentils, Saffron and Umbrian gastronomy traditions.
• Italian language Courses: 
• Cooking Classes;
• Wedding Plan in Umbria

The Italian law contemplates incarceration for crimes related to minors prostitution and pornography even if committed abroad. Art. 17 of the law 06/02/2006 N. 38

TOURISM & VODIVI Fashion House "When a land inspires unique fashion collection"

TOURISM & VODIVI Fashion House "When a land inspires unique fashion collection" - Tasting Travel Incoming Umbria

Every territory has its own personality.
It is the result of centuries of history and the people who live there, those who sculpted and molded it, contributing to its unique shape and individuality.
It is made up of town squares, architecture, materials, crops, artisanal knowledge, traditions and flavors that are never quite the same.
Vodivì is a fashion house created in collaboration with the Slow Tourism Association to offer collections of bags and semiprecious stones entirely made in Italy, crafted with natural materials according to the purest artisanal traditions which demonstrate the personality of the different Italian territories from which they are inspired.
As one does with a beloved book, reading and rereading it, then sharing it with loved ones, products that bear the name Vodivì create a bridge to understanding the grand richness that nature and history imbue to each place.
For each bag, and each semi-precious stone accessory, Vodivì offers an itinerary to travel in the first person.
It is the most authentic way one can find to immerse oneself in the truest essence of the places that inspire our collections.

Places of inspiration: "The Stones of Valnerina"" and "The landscape of Lower Valle Umbra" 


Daniela: Italian coordinator of Umbrian Serenades

Umbrian Serenades 2016 - XI Edition
Daniela: Italian coordinator of Umbrian Serenades - Tasting Travel Incoming Umbria

UMBRIAN SERENADES is a life-transforming choral program that brings together passionate singers from all over the U.S. who seek opportunities to perform exquisite a cappella repertoire within a small vocal chamber ensemble. These choral enthusiasts come together to enhance their vocal, musicianship, and ensemble skills, as well as savor all that small medieval hilltop towns in the heart of Italy can offer culturally, be it wine, olive oil, cooking, and the like. This select chamber ensemble performs sacred a cappella vocal works, spanning from Renaissance to Gospel, Spiritual and contemporary repertoire in unique spaces throughout the lush and breathtaking hills of Umbria.
Umbrian Serenades 2016- XI Edition
from 21st July to 01st August, 2016



AN ITALIAN AFFAIR "Unique experiences of UMBRIA

AN ITALIAN AFFAIR "Unique experiences of UMBRIA - Tasting Travel Incoming Umbria

At An Italian Affair we offer bespoke Umbrian travel experiences. Our journeys are transformative as we walk in the footsteps of saints and legends, men and women both great and humble in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. 

Antonella, your host has a deep connection to the peoples and traditions of her homeland Umbria. She has created a pathway between the worlds we live in and the magical world and people of Umbria. In this region many aspects of life have remained essentially unchanged for generations.



DANIELA IS PARTNER OF "SLOW TOURISM - ITALIA" - Tasting Travel Incoming Umbria

Slow Tourism is the Association that promotes welcoming tourism in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to the active involvement of travelers, tourism entrepreneurs and local communities, it safeguards and promotes the growth of territories, even those which are poorly known, and makes them valuable tourism destinations.

Slow tourism invites travelers to tourism at a reduced pace; one that is sustainable and responsible, and to discover new destinations while respecting them. It invites tourists to get to know places, to live and “taste” them while at the same time promoting their protection as patrimonies of inestimable worth, as a richness to be safeguarded for our common wellbeing.

It cooperates with tourism operators active in the promotion of territories and local cultures to better facilitate encounters with local cultures and improve the quality of the hospitality offered. It offers courses for tourism operators in order to make locations (big cities or small towns) welcoming places for promoting the return of tourists.   

The Association cooperates with people and with businesses to valorize the local history, culture, and typical products of all participating places.

With the contribution of bloggers and citizens, it runs a participative, crowd-sourced online newspaper, the Daily Slow, to allow for the direct storytelling of traditions, travel experiences, new way to live in sustainable ways.